I'm a MarketIng ArtIst and MotIon Designer based In Istanbul.

Originally from Konya, I've called Istanbul home for the past decade. My passion for advertising began in high school during visits to television stations. The vibrant world of media, the thrill of reaching a large audience, and the chance to push boundaries and make a difference truly captivated me.

Fueled by this passion, I pursued education and honed my skills. I spent a significant amount of time working on commercials and with production companies within traditional media. As the industry transitioned to digital, I embraced the new media landscape.

With over 14 years of experience, I've gained expertise across a wide range of areas, including TV commercials, music videos, explainer videos, social media content creation, visual effects, and directing. Throughout my career, I've worn many hats, serving as a creative director, art director, motion designer, Marketing Artist, 2D & 3D animator, CGI artist, post-production director, and team leader. While starting and running my own company, I also had the opportunity to work with H2O Adworks.

So What's Next?

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